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Culture of the Push Or Culture of the Push and Pressure – For Companies B2b

There are widely two kinds of firms. B2C, firms which sell to separate clients, and B2B, firms which sell to other firms. B2C and B2B – two absolutely others a kind of firms. They look various, various conversation and various walk. Thus they always advanced the products and services in another way. Firms B2C have mainly the PUSH and PULL culture. Firms B2B typically have only a Sale of culture, culture of the PUSH.
B2C businessses branded the products and services of more century. The established culture of the Announcement. But until recently, the majority of firms B2B thought of itself very much in another way. Firms B2B typically avoided all ideal of the announcement/marketing in favour of sale. The majority of firms B2B still jams in out-of-date culture of sale. Thus they passed critical PRESSURE, dynamical in their efforts on business construction.
Two greatest unique distinctions between firms B2C and firms B2B – that the last typically address to much smaller group of prospects and clients and that their products or services are typically much more expensive. These distinctions impose essential distinctions in how two kinds of firms sell the equipment.
As products or services of firms B2B are typically more expensive, they involve more rational and longer decision-making process. And consequently that B2B address to ready smaller quantity of prospects and clients, they use mass-media much more a considerable quantity of the concentrated way. They – very obvious distinctions between B2C and firms B2B, and thus the last have mainly spent the processes involved in manufacture of understanding, interest, preference, purchase and satisfaction in another way from the majority of firms B2C.
It has led to the big expenditure in investments of firms B2B building business. They by mistake interpreted the basic differences between B2C and firms B2B to mean that main principles of their firms differ from that of firms B2C. Thus they neglected solving PRESSURE, dynamical in the course of business construction.
Main principles of business are the most important, and they – the few. They – factors which define, whether business does the income or not. And these main principles – the same both for B2C and for firms B2B. They – all dynamics of PRESSURE. What these main principles of PRESSURE? Approximately a half-dozen:
1. Concentrate the investments of construction of business to your basic target group, the cores of 20 % your target group who, most possibly, will explain approximately 80 % of your incomes.
2. Identify the basic competition, that is, those firms to which your basic target group now patronises.
3. Identify the strongest existing before prompting in the basic target minds of group and hearts which can be turned your product or service. Make this strategic arrangement.
4. Inform the ability of a product/service to execute this strategic prompting in a way which transfers a great value, than they reach from your competitors. Make this strategic dramatisation.
5. Guarantee that all your communications transfer strategic prompting and competitive dramatisation in a way, which is easily consecutive, but in a way, which constantly remains freshened to support attention and interest.
6. Guarantee that all other events that the basic target group could contact your logo, such as events of clients of your product/service, behaviour of your people, and personally and by phone, and occurrence of buildings and vehicles which have your logo or an emblem, are similarly easily compatible to strategic communications.
Certainly, the PUSH is important. But it is not enough. Aforementioned six main principles – all about PRESSURE manufacture, that is, vacuum manufacture in a fit of temper and minds of clients which absorb your product or service. But the majority of firms B2B neglects these business main principles, even thus that they are extended at all business, is simple because they by mistake assume that their distinctions are fundamental to firms B2C, and Sale to be enough. As we have, they not. All firms require in both PUSH and PULL the dynamic. And they should PUT forward and culture of PRESSURE to make sure that both of them happen, just as they can.
If you are responsible for maintenance of growth of business B2B, you should accept immediately these main principles if only because not to make so would offer dynamical PRESSURE and inevitably would weaken your business technical project on building. You simply would neglect the strongest dynamic accessible to construction of your business and performance of your duties. You require not only Sale, but also the Announcement also.
Instead of remaining in culture of the PUSH in which the majority of firms B2B is ensnared, you can concentrate on main principles of the business, and develop to higher and stronger PUSH & culture of PRESSURE.

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